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I am S Kumar and I do freelance article writing on topics related to cryptocurrencies (including cryptocurrency news articles). If you are looking for a freelance cryptocurrency content writer, then I can provide you with content which is meaningful, researched and completely unique. I can also get your website/business mentioned on top publications (Like Forbes,, Business Insider, Techcrunch etc) through my contacts.

I provide content which is written according to the guidelines provided by the buyer. I can also work on long term writing contracts for sites which regularly need content. I can provide 5-6 articles per day of 500 words each. If required, I can also do longer articles.

I write content which is informative and which can be directly posted on your site without any further editing.


To see a sample cryptocurrency article written by me, click here.


Instead of just writing articles and then sending it to you, I can also write and post articles to your site so that you do not need to do the double task.


My article writing charge is 10 cents/word ($10/100 words). For writing + posting articles, the charges will be different.

I take weekly payments after the content is provided.


If you have any bitcoin, blockchain or cryptocurrency content writing requirement, you can directly e-mail me at or can fill the contact me form here.

Cryptocurrency Writer: What You Must Know Before Hiring One?

If you are looking for someone who can create unique and informative cryptocurrency articles for your website/company, then the first thing you must do is that you must see some previous work or samples done by the crypto writer. Freelance content writing is a vast category and you can come across many people who would be willing to write on just about every topic which you give to them.

However, when it comes to technical subjects like altcoins, then expecting that any general category freelancer can work for blockchain writing, cryptocurrency ICO writing or regular crypto writing will be a great blunder. You can come across many people on freelancing sites who claim themselves as cryptocurrency ICO writer or Bitcoin content writer. But many of them are not freelancers rather they have their own content writing agency with many generic niche writers. These agencies can work well for you if you need to use articles provided by these agencies on low-quality article directories or websites for getting backlinks. But, if you have a blog/website for which you want a consistent rise in traffic, then you must choose a dedicated freelance cryptocurrency/blockchain writer.

A content writing agency has many clients and projects and hence they generally do not pay attention to the subtle details as they want to finish the work soon. They do not have crypto content writers, but generic writers who want to somehow complete the task. As the owner/founder of any altcoin related website, a person would never like to get filler content. To generate traffic and to acquire a brand name for a website, the articles posted on one’s site must be informative and useful.

There is a good scope for altcoin news websites and hence having a dedicated bitcoin/cryptocurrency news writer provides a much greater advantage than getting articles randomly from freelancing sites or sites like Fiverr.

Grow Your Website with Quality and Regular Content

If you have a website, then in order to increase the number of visitors to your website, you must put informative and quality content regularly. If you would analyze the top trafficked cryptocurrency websites, you will find one thing in common and that is “lots of quality content”. The more content you have on your website, the chances of ranking those articles for different variations of keywords would increase, thereby, bringing more traffic to your website. Further, more content means more chances of your website articles being shared on social networks which will provide your site with social signals for organic ranking and also direct referral traffic from these networks.

The scope for bitcoin/altcoin news websites is much higher as one can easily come across 4-5 quality crypto news articles daily. People investing in altcoins like to keep a watch on the recent happenings in this space and hence a dedicated cryptocurrency news writer can be a great asset for your content needs. If you are looking for crypto or blockchain technical writer, then having a clear idea of your content needs helps you to chalk out a plan for your website’s growth.


A site with a high number of niche targeted visitors is a door for many possibilities. Once a site grows itself to a considerable size, people and companies approach it to get their own content published and also to advertise on such sites. There are many cryptocurrency sites which monetize through the publication of new cryptocurrency ICO’s, new trading platforms, wallets etc. For a crypto website having a decent enough monthly readership, the cost of publishing press releases and announcements itself becomes a profitable avenue. Apart from these sources of monetization, there are also cryptocurrency ad networks which provide the opportunity to earn revenue from your websites.

Any quality website in the investing space has plenty of opportunities for monetization and hence getting quality written articles in not an expenditure rather it is a thoughtful investment to build the brand name and readership. After a certain level of publishing regular content, things start to snowball and further growth happens with decreasing level of efforts. The most crucial stage for successfully building up a cryptocurrency website is its initial stage when things have to be managed in order to get regular & quality content along with investment on articles, website and branding. Every successful website has to strive hard during the initial build-up stage and when things get normal, efforts start to pay out.

The Importance of Fact Analysis and Terminology in Crypto Writing

People investing in altcoins take decisions based on the information they come across the internet. So it is crucial that any article/blog post related to altcoins must be factually valid as wrong information can have a negative effect on one’s investment. Therefore it is the duty of the crypto website owner and the cryptocurrency writer to ensure that the information they provide is factually correct.

The second aspect related to crypto writing is “terminology”. Any bitcoin/blockchain writer must be familiar with various terminologies which are used in this new virtual currency space. Lack of grip over the terminologies can lead to poor content creation and lack of user trust on the specific website containing such articles. For a new crypto writer, it is essential that he/she must dedicate time to understand the usual jargons used in this field. Having a tight grip over cryptocurrency jargons ensures that a cryptocurrency writer can easily make the readers understand those terms.

What Should be the Writing Style?

Language is a means of communication and it must not become a show-off. This is essentially true when it comes to writing an article. When it comes to investing in cryptos, then not all the people are equal in their knowledge about cryptocoins and its working. People from different countries and different level of education look after information on cryptocurrencies, so one must keep his/her writing style simple in order to ensure that on reading the article, the readers can easily comprehend it rather getting confused or trapped in flowery words.

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